Specializing in language training, Linguatechnics is equipped to handle your world language needs. Since 1997, we have provided comprehensive facility in a variety of languages to satisfy the demands of our clients. We are proud to offer tremendous flexibility in our services, and can customize as necessary to accommodate your specific interest.

Our team of instructors and translators are accomplished professionals with many years of experience in the United States and abroad. Our staff is well versed and knowledgeable in the diverse scope of industry and business, including technical, medical, legal, and scientific fields. Linguatechnics is an award-winning institution that has worked with a broad range of clients over the years.

In addition to language instruction and translation, Linguatechnics offers cross-cultural training and relocation services, enabling corporations and businesses to breach cultural barriers while relocating to or from different country.
Guadalupe Leguízamo-Cantú
Director of Instruction
Lupita’s teaching career spans over 19 years in the US, as well as abroad. Spreading her native knowledge of Spanish to all levels, she regularly works with students as young as kindergarten, all the way up to high school, college and beyond.

David Porta, PhD (University of Barcelona)
Director of Translation
Able to communicate in several languages, David has years of experience working on the fine intricacies of languages to facilitate communication among world cultures.